Friday, December 25, 2009


WOW. nicest movie. in this month.
Nice. Action packed:)
sibei exciting sia... about 3 hours . the duration i mean. O_O
in the middle of the movie, wanted to go toilet =.=
but cant worhx. dun wanna miss any part of the movie. sianzzz.
so i ren ren rennnnnnn..................
then wait until bo exciting part liao then go^^
rush like hell!
i think even faster than the fastest guy on earth sia =.=
hehe. 5 stars for the movie^^
dam nice.
i strongly advise u to watch the 3D one although i didnt watch it.
coz my auntie dunno english . zzz.
nvm la. she treat 1 :D
i watch 2D dam nice. wad about 3D.
Thats all. TY.
Just updating!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gathering of 6Joy n kindness.

it was a blast:)
nice gathering.
Thanks the organisers:) Dk hu. i only noe is pei yu n en qi n ............
when i went there , i saw ee jet then i made my way to the bbq pit. (sort of)
then ee jet said hey jiajing. u going wrong way sia. =.=
then this time, i really 'made my way' to the pit. heheh. say hm n damien. :D
took out my PSP n played.
Sry girls for throwing sand at u using the sand ball... nice:) :)
heheh. updating now... "D
O_O ^______________________________________^
Bye. hav a nice day worhx:)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sudden Attack Screenshots

Just drank finish my Smoothie at home. O_O.
Nice worhx. Can imagine ur saliva dripping out of ur mouth. Heheh. :)

Just let u see a few Sudden Attack screenshots.


Thanks jolene anyway for teaching me :)

Jolene's Recommendation.....

I was like Errr. in facebook t0day.
Then J0lene was like popping out of nowhere.
Saying. hey hey JJ. got blog anot?
then i say NOPE.

SO, she continued.
Saying that she has a sort of 'competition'. O_O.
The best site.
I was like DIAO.
SO i decided to make a blog. 1st blog.
Dun blame me for the lan lan things ah. HEHEH. :)